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EncodingToHTMLMBS(s as string, options as Integer = 0) as string
Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
global method String MBS Util Plugin 2.7 Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Function: Returns a string with HTML escaped characters.
dim f as folderItem
dim b as binaryStream

if f<>nil then
if b<>nil then
b.write nativeStringMBS(EncodingToHTMLMBS(editfield1.text))
end if
end if
The source string is converted to unicode if it is not allready in unicode. Than for every character the functions looks for the escaped character code and returns a HTML encoded string.

e.g. "München" -> "M&uuml;nchen"

This functions uses Xojo unicode strings, so you may need to convert back to a NativeString before saveing the string to a file.

Return characters (chr(10) and chr(13)) are not converted to <BR> codes.

May return "" on low memory conditions.

The result of this function is unpredictable on bad input strings.
(e.g. no encoding, or encoding does not match the content of the string)

Options can be 1 to not encode ASCII values < 128, so quotes, <, > and & are not encoded.

Some examples using this global method:

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