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FAQ.What ways do I have to ping?
Answer: You have different ways
1. Use the shell class and the ping utility.

2. Use the MBS Network Plugin and there the SuperSocket part:

a) On Windows the ICMPPingMBS works to ping.
b) On Mac OS X it uses OpenTransport and needs root rights. You need to use sudo to run this application. This does not work on Intel Macs, because the plugin is not endian safe.

3. The DarwinPingMBS.Ping method:

Compiled for Mac OS X Macho target it works as a syncronized ping method.
The Windows version had a bug and was fixed in plugin version 8.2pr4. So it works now.

4. The DarwinPingMBS.SimplePing method:

Works on Mac OS X Macho target.

But this method can be called from a thread to make it working in background.

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