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FAQ.My Xojo Web App does not launch. Why?
Answer: Here is a list of checks to do for linux apache installations with Xojo or Xojo Web applications:
Just a list of checks to do for linux apache installations:

  • You have 64bit linux? Than you need 32 bit compatibility libraries.
  • The folder of your app is writable? Set permissions to 777.
  • The cgi script is executable? Set permissions to 755.
  • The app file itself is executable? Set permissions to 755.
  • You uploaded cgi file as text, so it has unix line endings? (this often gives error "Premature end of script headers" in apache log)
  • You uploaded config.cfg file and made it writable? Set permissions to 666.
  • Your apache allows execution of cgi scripts? You enabled cgi for apache and uncommented addhandler command for CGI on a new apache installation?
  • You uploaded the app file and libraries as binary files? Upload as text breaks them.
  • You did upload the libs folder?
  • You don't have code in app.open, session.open and other events which crashes app right at launch?
  • You don''t have a print command in your app.open event? (see feedback case 23817)
  • You allowed htaccess file to overwrite permissions?

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