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FAQ.Midi latency on Windows problem?
Answer: The issue is system related, not a problem with RB or the plugin.
Two things will adversely affect the timing:

(1) latency of the software synthesizer output driver. The default Windows wavetable synthesizer has considerable latency. I don't know how many milliseconds, but it is noticeable.

(2) latency of the digital audio output driver. Different systems have different drivers for different audio hardware. My Dell laptop has a minimum 15ms latency in the audio driver.

These two things put together were causing a very sluggish MIDI response. I was able to verify these as the culprits by routing MIDI directly out of RB into a sample player, which only introduces the latency of (2) and does not include latency of (1).

I don't know how widely known are these facts, if not then you may want to add this information to the documentation, since Windows programmers using the MIDI plugin may not know those problems, and might mistakenly blame your plugin, as I did :) Sorry about that!

(From Aaron Andrew Hunt)

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