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FAQ.How to walk a folder hierarchie non recursively?
Answer: Use code like this one:
Sub Walk(folder as FolderItem)
dim folders() as FolderItem

folders.Append folder

while UBound(folders)>=0

dim currentFolder as FolderItem = folders.pop

dim c as Integer = currentFolder.Count
for i as Integer = 1 to c
dim item as FolderItem = currentFolder.TrueItem(i)

if item = Nil then
// no permission
elseif item.Visible then // only visible

if item.Directory then
folders.Append item
// work with file here
end if

end if


End Sub
As you see we go with a long loop which runs until we don't have more folders to process.
We ignore items we can't access due to permission limits.
And we only work visible items.
If you like, check folderitem.isBundleMBS on item to handle packages and applications better on Mac OS X.

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