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FAQ.How to use the Application Support folder?
I was saving a registration code for an app to the Preferencefolder.
People on the list have suggested that it would be better in
the ApplicationSupportFolder. How do I save the file called CWWPrefs
into that folder using MBS?

I have checked for examples and the docs but can't see how to apply it

//f = SpecialFolder.Preferences.child("CWWPrefs")
f = ApplicationSupportFolderMBS(-32768)
dim folder,file as FolderItem

folder = createApplicationSupportFolderMBS(-32763)

if folder=nil then
// Some very old Mac OS Versions may not support it
// or the plugin may fail for any reason
end if


MsgBox file.UnixpathMBS
Notes: You may not be able to write there with a normal user account!

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