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FAQ.How to scale/resize a picture?
Answer: There are several ways to scale or resize a picture. The easiest way may be the ScaleMBS function in the Picture class.
dim Original,Scaled as Picture

The plugin ways:
- GraphicsMagick can scale/resize.
- CoreImage scale filter may result in the fastest and best images on Mac OS X 10.4.
- NSImageMBS can scale, but is Mac OS X only.
- CGImageMBS can scale, but is Mac OS X only.
- CIImageMBS can scale, but is Mac OS X only.
- QuickTime Graphics exporter and importer can be connected to scale. (this was used more often a few years ago)
- ImageMagick can scale very nice and crossplatform. But the ImageMagick libraries are big.
- The picture.ScaleMBS function is self written and results in equal output on Mac, Windows and Linux without any additional libraries installed.
- Picture.ScalingMBS does crossplatform scaling with several modes.

with pure Xojo:
- make a new picture and draw the old one with new size inside.

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