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FAQ.How to query Spotlight's Last Open Date for a file?

Answer: You can use a MDItemMBS objec to query this value:
Function LastOpenedDate(Extends F As FolderItem, DefaultOtherDates As Boolean = True) As Date
#If TargetMacOS Then
Dim xMDItem as New MDItemMBS(F)
Dim xDate as Variant

If xMDItem <> Nil Then
xDate = xMDItem.GetAttribute(xMDItem.kMDItemLastUsedDate).DateValue
If xDate IsA Date Then Return xDate
If xDate <> Nil Then Break
End If

If DefaultOtherDates Then
If F.ModificationDate <> Nil Then Return F.ModificationDate
If F.CreationDate <> Nil Then Return F.CreationDate
End If
End Function
Notes: Thanks for Josh Hoggan for this example code.

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