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FAQ.How to insert image to NSTextView or TextArea?
Answer: With NSTextViewMBS you can use this code to insert file:
// insert a file to textview

Public Sub InsertFile(textview as NSTextViewMBS, f as FolderItem)
// read to file
dim b as BinaryStream = BinaryStream.Open(f)
dim s as string = b.Read(b.Length)

// build wrapper
dim fileWrapper as NSFileWrapperMBS = NSFileWrapperMBS.initRegularFileWithContents(s)
fileWrapper.preferredFilename = f.name

// make attachment
dim fileAttachment as new NSTextAttachmentMBS(fileWrapper)
dim attributedString as NSAttributedStringMBS = NSAttributedStringMBS.attributedStringWithAttachment(fileAttachment)

// add to a NSTextViewMBS
textview.insertText attributedString

End Sub
Notes: For TextArea you can query the underlaying NSTextViewMBS object via TextArea.NSTextViewMBS method.

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