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FAQ.How to handle really huge images with GraphicsMagick or ImageMagick?
Answer: Sometimes it may be better to use an extra application to process images.
A typical 32 bit app made with Xojo (Xojo) can use around 1.8 GB on Windows and 3 GB on Mac OS X. Some images may be huge, so that processing them causes several copies of the image to be in memory. With a 500 MB image in memory, doing a scale or rotation may require a temp image. So with source, temp and dest images with each 500 MB plus your normal app memory usage, you may hit the limit of Windows with 1.8 GB.

In that case it may be worth running a tool like gm in the shell class. gm is the command line version of GraphicsMagick. There you can run the 64 bit version which is not limited in memory like your own application. Also you can monitor progress and keep your app responsive.

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