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FAQ.How to get the current timezone?
You can use the TimeZoneMBS class or the CFTimeZoneMBS class.
Or code like below:
Function GMTOffsetInMinutes() as Integer
// Returns the offset of the current time to GMT in minutes.
// supports Mac OS and Windows, but not Linux yet (let me know if
// you have code for that, please)
// Note that the offset is not always an even multiple of 60, but
// there are also half hour offsets, even one 5:45h offset

// This version by Thomas Tempelmann (rb@tempel.org) on 25 Nov 2005
// with a fix that should also make it work with future Intel Mac targets.
// Using code from various authors found on the RB NUG mailing list

dim result, bias, dayLightbias as Integer
dim info as memoryBlock
dim offset as Integer

#if targetMacOS then

Declare Sub ReadLocation lib "Carbon" (location As ptr)

info = NewMemoryBlock(12)
ReadLocation info
if false then
// bad, because it does not work on Intel Macs:
'offset = info.short(9) * 256 + info.byte(11)
offset = BitwiseAnd (info.long(8), &hFFFFFF)

offset = info.short(9) * 256 + info.byte(11)
offset = offset \ 60
return offset


#if targetWin32 then

Declare Function GetTimeZoneInformation Lib "Kernel32" ( tzInfoPointer as Ptr ) as Integer
// returns one of
// -- Note: e.g. New Delhi (GMT+5:30) and Newfoundland (-3:30) return this value 0

info = new MemoryBlock(172)
result = GetTimeZoneInformation(info)

bias = info.Long(0)
// note: the original code I found in the NUG archives used Long(84) and switched to Long(0)
// only for result=1 and result=2, but my tests found that Long(0) is also the right value for result=0

if result = 2 then
daylightBias = info.long(168)
end if
offset = - (bias + dayLightbias)
return offset


End Function

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