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FAQ.How to get the color for disabled textcolor?
Answer: Ask the appearance manager:
Function GetThemeTextColor(inColor as Integer, inDepth as Integer, inColorDev as Boolean) As Color
declare function GetThemeTextColor lib "Carbon" (inColor as Integer, inDepth as Integer, inColorDev as Boolean, outColor as Ptr) as Integer

dim i as Integer
dim col as MemoryBlock

col = newMemoryBlock(6)

i = GetThemeTextColor(inColor, inDepth, inColorDev, col)

return RGB(col.UShort(0)\256, col.UShort(2)\256, col.UShort(4)\256)
End Function
The color for this is:

const kThemeTextColorDialogInactive = 2.

c = GetThemeTextColor(kThemeTextColorDialogInactive, Screen(0).Depth, true)

For Mac OS X you should use "CarbonLib" instead of "AppearanceLib" ...

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