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FAQ.How to get GMT time and back?
Answer: You can use the date class and the GMTOffset property.
// now
dim d as new date

// now in GMT
dim e as new date
e.GMTOffset = 0

// show
MsgBox str(d.TotalSeconds,"0.0")+" "+str(e.TotalSeconds, "0.0")

dim GMTTimeStamp as Double = e.TotalSeconds

// restore
dim f as new date

// add GMT offset here
f.TotalSeconds = GMTTimeStamp + f.GMTOffset*3600
// because here it's removed
f.GMTOffset = f.GMTOffset

MsgBox d.ShortTime+" ("+str(d.GMTOffset)+") "+str(d.TotalSeconds,"0.0")+EndOfLine+_
e.ShortTime+" ("+str(e.GMTOffset)+") "+str(e.TotalSeconds,"0.0")+EndOfLine+_
f.ShortTime+" ("+str(f.GMTOffset)+") "+str(f.TotalSeconds,"0.0")
Notes: It's sometimes a bit tricky with the date class as setting one property often changes the others.

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