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FAQ.How to duplicate a picture with mask or alpha channel?
Answer: You can use code like this function:
Function Duplicate(extends p as Picture) As Picture
#if RBVersion >= 2011.04 then
if p.HasAlphaChannel then

// create nw picture and copy content:
dim q as new Picture(p.Width, p.Height)
q.Graphics.DrawPicture p,0,0

Return q

end if

// create new picture
dim q as new Picture(p.Width, p.Height, 32)

// get mask
dim oldMask as Picture = p.mask(false)
if oldMask = nil then
// no mask, so simple copy
q.Graphics.DrawPicture p,0,0
Return q
end if

// remove mask
p.mask = nil

// copy picture and mask
q.Graphics.DrawPicture p, 0, 0
q.mask.Graphics.DrawPicture oldMask,0,0

// restore mask
p.mask = oldmask

Return q
End Function
Simply copy it to a module and call it like this: q = p.duplicate.
The code above works with old Xojo versions because of the #if even if your RS version does not support alpha channel pictures. This way it's future proof.

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