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FAQ.How to create a birthday like calendar event?
Answer: Try this code:
// start a connection to the calendar database
dim s as new CalCalendarStoreMBS

// needed for the error details
dim e as NSErrorMBS

dim r as CalRecurrenceRuleMBS = CalRecurrenceRuleMBS.initYearlyRecurrence(1, nil) // repeat every year without end

dim a as new CalAlarmMBS // add alarm
a.action = a.CalAlarmActionDisplay
a.relativeTrigger = -3600*24 // 24 Hours before

// create a new calendar
dim c as new CalEventMBS

dim d as new date(2011, 04, 20) // the date

dim calendars() as CalCalendarMBS = s.calendars

// set properties
c.Title="Test Birthday"
c.recurrenceRule = r
c.calendar=calendars(0) // add to first calendar
c.endDate = d
c.isAllDay = true

// save event
call s.saveEvent(c,s.CalSpanAllEvents, e)
if e<>nil then
MsgBox e.localizedDescription
MsgBox "New event was created."
end if
Notes: This adds an event to iCal for the given date with alarm to remember you and repeats it every year.

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