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FAQ.How to convert a BrowserType to a String with WebSession.Browser?
Answer: Use code like this:
Function GetBrowserName(s as WebSession.BrowserType) As string
Select case s
case WebSession.BrowserType.Android
Return "Andriod"
case WebSession.BrowserType.Blackberry
Return "Blackberry"
case WebSession.BrowserType.Chrome
Return "Chrome"
case WebSession.BrowserType.ChromeOS
Return "ChromeOS"
case WebSession.BrowserType.Firefox
Return "Firefox"
case WebSession.BrowserType.InternetExplorer
Return "InternetExplorer"
case WebSession.BrowserType.Opera
Return "Opera"
case WebSession.BrowserType.Safari
Return "Safari"
case WebSession.BrowserType.SafariMobile
Return "SafariMobile"
case WebSession.BrowserType.Unknown
Return "Unknown"
Return "Unkown: "+str(integer(s))
end Select

End Function

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