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FAQ.How to change the name in the menubar of my app on Mac OS X?
You mean it screws up if the file name of the bundle itself is different
than the name of the executable file in the MacOS folder within the
bundle? If so, you should find something like this within your
Info.plist file (or the 'plst' resource that the RB IDE builds for you):

<string>Executable file name here</string>

Just make sure that file name matches.

However, if your question involves how you can change the name of the app
that appears in the menu and the dock, that's different. You can make
this name different from the file name by changing the CFBundleName key:

<string>Name for menu here</string>

Note that if you use my free AppBundler program, this second part is
taken care of for you -- just fill in a custom name in the right field.
You can find AppBundler (from Thomas Reed) at
http://www.bitjuggler.com/products/appbundler/ .

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