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FAQ.How do I read the applications in the dock app?
Answer: Use CFPreferencesMBS class like in this example:
// Reads file names from persistent dock applications and puts them into the list

dim pref as new CFPreferencesMBS

dim persistentapps as CFStringMBS = NewCFStringMBS("persistent-apps")
dim ApplicationID as CFStringMBS = NewCFStringMBS("com.apple.dock")
dim tiledata as CFStringMBS = NewCFStringMBS("tile-data")
dim filelabel as CFStringMBS = NewCFStringMBS("file-label")

// get the array of persistent applications from dock preferences
dim o as CFObjectMBS = pref.CopyValue(persistentapps, ApplicationID, pref.kCFPreferencesCurrentUser, pref.kCFPreferencesAnyHost)

if o isa CFArrayMBS then
dim a as CFArrayMBS = CFArrayMBS(o)

// walk over all items in array
dim c as Integer = a.Count-1
for i as Integer = 0 to c

// get dictionary describing item
o = a.Item(i)

if o isa CFDictionaryMBS then
dim d as CFDictionaryMBS = CFDictionaryMBS(o)

// and pick tile data dictionary
o = d.Value(tiledata)
if o isa CFDictionaryMBS then
d = CFDictionaryMBS(o)

// and pick there the file label
o = d.Value(filelabel)
if o isa CFStringMBS then
// and display it
dim name as string = CFStringMBS(o).str
List.AddRow name
end if
end if
end if


MsgBox "Failed to read dock preferences."
end if
Notes: You can use the CFPreferencesMBS.SetValue to change a value and CFPreferencesMBS.Synchronize to write the values to disc. You may need to restart the Dock.app if you modified things.

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