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FAQ.How do I decode correctly an email subject?
Answer: The following code can be used to decode an email subject including several encodings including Base 64.
dim src as string // input

dim theRegex as Regex
dim theRegexMatch as RegexMatch
dim result, infoCharset, encodedPart as string
dim theStart as Integer

if instr(src, "=?") > 0 then
theRegex = new Regex
theRegex.Options.Greedy = false
theRegex.searchPattern = "(.*)=\?(.+)\?(Q|B)\?(.+)\?="
theRegexMatch = theRegex.search(src)
while theRegexMatch <> nil
theStart = theRegexMatch.subExpressionStartB(0) + len(theRegexMatch.subExpressionString(0))

result = result + theRegexMatch.subExpressionString(1)
infoCharset = theRegexMatch.subExpressionString(2)
encodedPart = theRegexMatch.subExpressionString(4)
if theRegexMatch.subExpressionString(3) = "B" then
encodedPart = DecodeBase64(encodedPart)
elseif theRegexMatch.subExpressionString(3) = "Q" then
encodedPart = DecodeQuotedPrintable(encodedPart)
end if
if right(result, 1) = " " then
result = mid(result, 1, len(result)-1)
end if
encodedPart = encodedPart.DefineEncoding(GetInternetTextEncoding(infoCharset))
result = result + encodedPart

theRegex.SearchStartPosition = theStart
theRegexMatch = theRegex.search()

result = result + mid(src, theStart+1)

result = src
end if
// theRegexMatch = theRegex.search

msgbox result
May not look nice depending on the controls used.
This is no longer needed when using MimeEmailMBS class which decodes for you.

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