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Required plugins for this example: MBS MacBase Plugin, MBS MacCocoa Plugin, MBS MacControls Plugin, MBS MacOSX Plugin, MBS Main Plugin, MBS Tools Plugin
You find this example project in your Plugins Download as a Xojo project file within the examples folder: /Tools/PHP/Pe8Pe/Pe8Pe
This example is the version from Thu, 6th Apr 2016.
Project "Pe8Pe.rbp"
Filetype text
End FileTypes
Class Window1 Inherits Window
Control Rectangle1 Inherits Rectangle
ControlInstance Rectangle1 Inherits Rectangle
End Control
Control hrefsearchpattern Inherits TextArea
ControlInstance hrefsearchpattern Inherits TextArea
End Control
Control hrefreplacehpattern Inherits TextArea
ControlInstance hrefreplacehpattern Inherits TextArea
End Control
Control hrefsearchpattern2 Inherits TextArea
ControlInstance hrefsearchpattern2 Inherits TextArea
End Control
Control hrefreplacehpattern2 Inherits TextArea
ControlInstance hrefreplacehpattern2 Inherits TextArea
End Control
Control StaticText1 Inherits Label
ControlInstance StaticText1 Inherits Label
End Control
Control HTMLViewer1 Inherits HTMLViewer
ControlInstance HTMLViewer1 Inherits HTMLViewer
EventHandler Sub DocumentBegin(URL as String) LoadPHPCode(URL) End EventHandler
EventHandler Sub DocumentComplete(URL as String) App.HTMLResultLoaded = False Window1.Title = "Pe8Pe Browser v0.1 - "+App.httpWindowTitle //onclick.setValue("onclick","Pe8PeCall.navigate("""+TheHREF+""");") End EventHandler
EventHandler Sub DocumentProgressChanged(URL as String, percentageComplete as Integer) Window1.Title = "Loading "+App.CurrentDocumentsFolderPath+App.filetoprocess+"... "+Str(percentageComplete)+"% Complete" End EventHandler
EventHandler Sub TitleChanged(newTitle as String) App.httpWindowTitle=newTitle End EventHandler
End Control
EventHandler Sub Close() Quit() End EventHandler
EventHandler Function ContextualMenuAction(hitItem as MenuItem) As Boolean If hitItem.Index=100001 Then App.CurrentDocumentsFolderPath="documents/" LoadPHPCode("index.php") End If End EventHandler
EventHandler Sub Open() p=new MYPHP rex=New RegExMBS rex.CompileOptionMultiline=True htmlEvents = new MyFrameEvents HTMLViewer1.InstallWebFrameLoadDelegateMBS htmlEvents Dim f As FolderItem Dim fullpath As String f = New FolderItem(App.CurrentDocumentsFolderPath+"/index.php") fullpath = f.ShellPath f=Nil f = GetFolderItem(fullpath, FolderItem.PathTypeShell) if f=Nil Or f.Exists=False Then MsgBox "No index.php found. Application will quit now." Quit() End If If TargetMacOS Or TargetCocoa Or TargetCarbon Or TargetMachO Then p.setVariable("RBCurrentOS","0") ' Mac ElseIf TargetWin32 Then p.setVariable("RBCurrentOS","1") ' Windows ElseIf TargetLinux Then p.setVariable("RBCurrentOS","2") ' Linux End if p.setVariable("RBCurrentPath",Replace(f.ShellPath,"/index.php","")) HTMLViewer1.LoadHTMLStringMBS("","") f=Nil 'If p.LoadLibrary("mysql") = False Then 'MsgBox "Cannot load MySQL Module" 'End If End EventHandler
Sub LoadPHPCode(URL As String) if App.HTMLResultLoaded = False Then App.HTMLResultLoaded=True HTMLViewer1.StopLoadingMBS Dim f As FolderItem Dim t As TextInputStream Dim loadhtml As Boolean = False Dim fullpath As String = "" Dim isPHPFile As Boolean = False Dim isHTMLFile As Boolean = False Dim isFileURL As Boolean = False if URL.InStr("http://")>0 Or URL.InStr("https://")>0 Then HTMLViewer1.LoadURLMBS(URL) Return End If If URL.InStr(0,".php")>0 Then //PHP FILE isPHPFile = True ElseIf URL.InStr(0,".html")>0 Or URL.InStr(0,".htm")>0 Then //HTML FILE isHTMLFile = True End if if URL.InStr("file://")>0 Then isFileURL=True End If if isPHPFile Or isHTMLFile Then Dim newurl As String Dim pathtmparr(-1) As String Dim newpath As String Dim currentfoldersarray(-1) As String if URL.InStr("://")>0 Then newurl = URL.Mid((URL.InStr(0,"://")+3)) if isFileURL=False Then newurl = newurl.Mid((newurl.InStr(0,"/")+1)) End If Else newurl=URL End If if isFileURL=False Then pathtmparr=newurl.Split("/") Else Do if newurl.InStr(0,"documents")>0 Then newurl=newurl.Right(newurl.Len-(newurl.InStr(0,"documents")+9)) Else Exit Do End If Loop pathtmparr=newurl.Split("/") End If If pathtmparr.Ubound>0 Then App.filetoprocess=pathtmparr(pathtmparr.Ubound) For Each folder As String In pathtmparr if folder=".." Then currentfoldersarray=App.CurrentDocumentsFolderPath.Split("/") App.CurrentDocumentsFolderPath=App.CurrentDocumentsFolderPath.Replace(currentfoldersarray(currentfoldersarray.Ubound-1)+"/","") currentfoldersarray=Nil Continue End if if folder.InStr(0,"?")>0 And folder.InStr(0,"=")>0 Then Dim urlqueryparts(-1) As String urlqueryparts=folder.Split("?") folder=urlqueryparts(0) App.filetoprocess=urlqueryparts(0) ProcessGETQuery(urlqueryparts(1)) urlqueryparts=Nil End if App.CurrentDocumentsFolderPath=Replace(App.CurrentDocumentsFolderPath,folder+"/","") App.CurrentDocumentsFolderPath=Replace(App.CurrentDocumentsFolderPath,"/"+folder,"") App.CurrentDocumentsFolderPath=Replace(App.CurrentDocumentsFolderPath,folder,"") if folder<>App.filetoprocess Then newpath=newpath+folder+"/" Next App.CurrentDocumentsFolderPath=App.CurrentDocumentsFolderPath+newpath Else App.filetoprocess=newurl End if f = New FolderItem(App.CurrentDocumentsFolderPath+App.filetoprocess) fullpath = f.UnixpathMBS f=Nil f = GetFolderItem(fullpath, FolderItem.PathTypeShell) If f <> Nil And f.Exists=True then loadhtml=true ElseIf f.Exists=False Then HTMLViewer1.LoadHTMLStringMBS("<b>File &quot;"+newurl+"&quot; Not Found</b>","") return End if Else f = New FolderItem("documents/index.php") fullpath = f.UnixpathMBS f=Nil f = GetFolderItem(fullpath, FolderItem.PathTypeShell) If f <> Nil And f.Exists=True Then loadhtml=true isPHPFile = True //default index.php file ElseIf f.Exists=False Then HTMLViewer1.LoadHTMLStringMBS("<b>Error loading Index.php. File Not Found.</b>","") return End if End if If loadhtml = True Then t=f.OpenAsTextFile t.Encoding= Encodings.MacRoman if isPHPFile Then App.HTMLCode = p.Execute(PHPGetSets+"?>"+t.ReadAll) ElseIf isHTMLFile Then App.HTMLCode = t.ReadAll End if //Replacing Onclick to contain javascript callback If rex.Compile(hrefsearchpattern.Text) = True Then App.HTMLCode=rex.ReplaceAll(App.HTMLCode,hrefreplacehpattern.Text) End If //Replacing href by onclick to have javascript callback for navigation If rex.Compile(hrefsearchpattern2.Text) = True Then App.HTMLCode=rex.ReplaceAll(App.HTMLCode,hrefreplacehpattern2.Text) End If if fullpath.InStr(0,App.filetoprocess)>0 Then fullpath = "file://"+fullpath Else fullpath="file://"+fullpath+App.filetoprocess End If HTMLViewer1.LoadHTMLStringMBS(App.HTMLCode,fullpath) t.Close Else MsgBox "Error loading php result." End If f=Nil t=Nil End If End Sub
Sub ProcessGETQuery(GetQueryString As String) If GetQueryString<>"" Then Dim GetQueryStringParts(-1) As String Dim PHPVarName As String Dim PHPVarValue As Variant PHPGetSets="" GetQueryStringParts=GetQueryString.Split("&") For Each item As String In GetQueryStringParts PHPVarName=item.Left(item.InStr(0,"=")-1) PHPVarValue=item.Right((item.Len-PHPVarName.Len-1)) if PHPVarValue.IsNumeric() Then PHPGetSets=PHPGetSets+"$_GET["""+PHPVarName+"""]="+PHPVarValue+";"+Chr(10) PHPGetSets=PHPGetSets+"$_REQUEST["""+PHPVarName+"""]="+PHPVarValue+";"+Chr(10) Else PHPGetSets=PHPGetSets+"$_GET["""+PHPVarName+"""]=urldecode("""+PHPVarValue+""");"+Chr(10) PHPGetSets=PHPGetSets+"$_REQUEST["""+PHPVarName+"""]=urldecode("""+PHPVarValue+""");"+Chr(10) End If Next End If End Sub
Property PHPGetSets As String
Property htmlEvents As MyFrameEvents
Property p As PHPMBS
Property rex As RegExMBS
End Class
MenuBar MenuBar1
MenuItem FileMenu = "&File"
MenuItem mnuReloadIndx(100001) = "&Reload Main Document"
MenuItem FileQuit(100002) = "&Quit"
MenuItem UntitledMenu1 = ""
End MenuBar
Class App Inherits Application
EventHandler Sub Open() dim f as FolderItem if TargetWin32 then if not PHPMBS.LoadLibrary("C:\Programme\PHP\php5ts.dll") then MsgBox "Failed to load php dll." quit end if elseif TargetMachO then f=GetFolderItem("libphp5.dylib") if not PHPMBS.LoadLibrary(f) then MsgBox "Failed to load php library." quit end if elseif TargetLinux then f=GetFolderItem("libphp5.so") if not PHPMBS.LoadLibrary(f) then MsgBox "Failed to load php library." quit end if end if htmlEventsCallBack=new MyScriptCallback End EventHandler
Property CurrentDocumentsFolderPath As String = "documents/"
Property HTMLCode As String
Property HTMLResultLoaded As Boolean = False
Property filetoprocess As String
Property htmlEventsCallBack As MyScriptCallback
Property httpWindowTitle As String
End Class
Class MYPHP Inherits PHPMBS
End Class
Class MyFrameEvents Inherits WebFrameLoadDelegateMBS
EventHandler Function windowScriptObjectAvailable(WebView as WebViewMBS, windowScriptObject as WebScriptObjectMBS) As boolean // Install an Object called "MyBrowser" on the javascript document object // Any function call inside will tricker callback event windowScriptObject.setWebScriptCallback "Pe8Pe", App.htmlEventsCallBack End EventHandler
End Class
Class MyScriptCallback Inherits WebScriptCallbackMBS
EventHandler Function Callback(Name as string) As variant Window1.HTMLViewer1.StopLoadingMBS If Name = "Navigate" Then Window1.LoadPHPCode(Me.ArgumentValue(0)) End If End EventHandler
End Class
End Project

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