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/Images/OCR/OCR console
You find this example project in your Plugins Download as a Xojo project file within the examples folder: /Images/OCR/OCR console
This example is the version from Thu, 6th Apr 2016.
Project "OCR console.rbp"
Class App Inherits ConsoleApplication
EventHandler Function Run(args() as String) As Integer // search tessdata folder dim fo as FolderItem = findfile("tessdata") if TargetWin32 then // on Windows the parent folder fo = fo.Parent else // path must be correct to have it find the files and point to folder where tessdata folder is inside fo = fo.Parent end if o = new TesseractMBS(fo, "eng") dim n as integer = o.NumDawgs if n = 0 then print "No lang data found!" quit end if dim f as FolderItem // pick a test file if rnd<0.5 then f = findfile("eurotext.tif") else f = findfile("phototest.tif") end if dim t as TiffPictureMBS = f.OpenAsTiffMBS dim p as Picture = t.Pict if p = nil then print "No picture loaded!" Return 4 end if if o.SetImage(p) then print o.GetText pic=p Write end if Exception ex as TesseractErrorExceptionMBS MsgBox "Exception: "+ex.message End EventHandler
Function FindFile(name as string) As FolderItem // Look for file in parent folders from executable on dim parent as FolderItem = app.ExecutableFile.Parent while parent<>Nil dim file as FolderItem = parent.Child(name) if file<>Nil and file.Exists then Return file end if parent = parent.Parent wend End Function
Sub Write() dim g as Graphics = pic.Graphics g.ForeColor=&cFF0000 // check result dim r as TesseractResultIteratorMBS = o.ResultIterator if r<>Nil then do // query values like confidence g.ForeColor=&c000000 if true then dim Confidence as Double = r.Confidence(r.kLevelWord) g.ForeColor=Rgb((100-Confidence)*2.55, Confidence*2.55, 0) end if dim rleft, rtop, rright, rbottom as integer // query bounding box if r.BoundingBox(r.kLevelWord, rleft, rtop, rright, rbottom) then dim rwidth as integer = rright - rleft dim rheight as integer = rbottom - rtop g.DrawRect rleft, rtop, rwidth, rHeight end if // and go to next word loop until r.NextItem(r.kLevelWord) = false end if dim f as FolderItem = SpecialFolder.Desktop.Child("output.jpg") pic.Save(f, pic.SaveAsJPEG, 90) End Sub
Property o As TesseractMBS
Property pic As Picture
End Class
End Project

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