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/DynaPDF/Raster/Create and Render PDF in console
Required plugins for this example: MBS Main Plugin, MBS DynaPDF Plugin
You find this example project in your Plugins Download as a Xojo project file within the examples folder: /DynaPDF/Raster/Create and Render PDF in console
This example is the version from Sun, 21th Oct 2017.
Project "Create and Render PDF in console.rbp"
Class App Inherits ConsoleApplication
EventHandler Function Run(args() as String) As Integer dim pdf as new MyDynapdfMBS dim d as new date // load CharacterMaps if you want to correctly process asian fonts 'call pdf.SetCMapDir(SpecialFolder.Desktop.Child("CMap"), pdf.klcmRecursive) pdf.SetLicenseKey "Pro" // For this example you can use a Pro or Enterprise License call pdf.CreateNewPDF nil call pdf.SetDocInfo pdf.kdiSubject, "My first Xojo output" call pdf.SetDocInfo pdf.kdiProducer, "Xojo test application" call pdf.SetDocInfo pdf.kdiTitle, "My first Xojo output" // We want to use top-down coordinates call pdf.SetPageCoords pdf.kpcTopDown call pdf.Append #if RBVersion > 2010.04 then // picture class is only available in RS 2010r4 and newer dim pic as Picture = LogoMBS(500) // Needs Main Plugin call pdf.InsertPicture(pic, 50, 200, 200, 200) #endif call pdf.SetFont "Times", pdf.kfsItalic, 40.0, true, pdf.kcp1252 call pdf.WriteFText pdf.ktaCenter, "My first Xojo output!" call pdf.SetFont "Times", pdf.kfsItalic, 20.0, true, pdf.kcp1252 call pdf.WriteText 50.0, 180.0, "File created: " + d.LongDate call pdf.EndPage #if RBVersion > 2010.04 then dim out as Picture = pdf.RenderPagePicture(1) if out = nil then print "Error: picture is nil." Return 1 end if dim outfile as FolderItem = SpecialFolder.Desktop.Child("Create and Render PDF in console.jpg") out.Save(outfile, out.SaveAsJPEG) #endif End EventHandler
End Class
Class MyDynaPDFMBS Inherits DynaPDFMBS
EventHandler Function Error(ErrorCode as integer, ErrorMessage as string, ErrorType as integer) As integer // output all messages on the console: print str(ErrorCode)+": "+ErrorMessage Return 0 // ignore End EventHandler
Property IgnoreWarnings As Boolean
End Class
End Project

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