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graphics.DrawCGPDFDocumentMBS(pdf as CGPDFDocumentMBS, r as CGRectMBS, page as Integer, InterpolationQuality as Integer, Antialias as boolean, FontSmoothing as Boolean)
Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
method CoreGraphics MBS MacCG Plugin 12.3 Yes No No No No
Function: Draws a PDF on the graphics object inside the given rectangle.
Requires Mac OS X to work.

You can pass for interpolation:
0Let the context decide.
1Never interpolate.
2Low quality, fast interpolation.
4Medium quality, slower than kCGInterpolationLow.
3Highest quality, slower than kCGInterpolationMedium.

Set Antialias to true to allow anti aliasing and to false to disallow.
Set FontSmoothing to true to allow font smoothing and false to disallow it.

If destination is scaled page size, you need to also scale the rectangle here.

Seems broken in MacOS Mojave for us with drawing in print context.

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