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SQLValueMBS class

Super class: SQLValueReadMBS

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux iOS Targets
class SQL MBS SQL Plugin 9.3 ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ✅ Yes All
Function: The SQL class for mutable values.
Notes: Subclass of the SQLValueReadMBS class.

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Super class SQLValueReadMBS

Data Types

Constant Value Description
kDataTypeBlob 16 Data type is BLob data (SQLStringMBS).
kDataTypeBool 1 Data type is a boolean.
kDataTypeBytes 13 Data type is binary string (SQLStringMBS).
kDataTypeClob 17 Data type is CLob data (SQLStringMBS).
kDataTypeCursor 18 Data type is Oracle REF CURSOR (SQLCommand).
kDataTypeDateTime 10 Data type is SQLDateTime.
kDataTypeDouble 8 This is a normal double variable.
kDataTypeInterval 11 Data type is an interval (SQLIntervalMBS).
kDataTypeLong 4 A 32 bit integer.
kDataTypeLongBinary 14 Data type is long binary data (SQLStringMBS).
kDataTypeLongChar 15 Data type is long character data (SQLStringMBS).
kDataTypeNumeric 9 Data type is SQLNumeric (used internally).
kDataTypeShort 2 Data type is a 16 bit signed integer.
kDataTypeSpecificToDBMS 19 Data type is server-specific.
kDataTypeString 12 Data type is character string (SQLString).
kDataTypeULong 5 Data type is a 32 bit unsigned integer.
kDataTypeUnknown 0 Data type is unknown.
kDataTypeUShort 3 A 16 bit unsigned integer.

Read Modes

Constant Value Description
kLongOrLobReaderModeDefault 0 Long or Lob(CLob) data reading mode is default (automatic).
kLongOrLobReaderModeManual 1 Long or Lob(CLob) data reading mode is manual.

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