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SQLConnectionMBS constants

Isolation Levels

Constant Value Description
kANSILevel0 0 ANSI Level 0
kANSILevel1 1 ANSI Level 1
kANSILevel2 2 ANSI Level 2
kANSILevel3 3 ANSI Level 3
kLevelUnknown -1 Unknown
kReadCommitted 1 Read committed.
kReadUncommitted 0 Read uncommitted.
kRepeatableRead 2 Repeatable read.
kSerializable 3 Serializable.

Values for autocommit property

Constant Value Description
kAutoCommitOff 0 Autocommit is off.
kAutoCommitOn 1 Autocommit is on.
kAutoCommitUnknown -1 Autocommit unknown

The database client constants

Constant Value Description
kClientNotSpecified 0 Client is not specified.
kCubeSQLClient 13 CubeSQL client. (coming soon)
kDB2Client 6 DB2 client.
kFirebirdClient 4 InterBase/Firebird client.
kInformixClient 7 Informix client.
kInterBaseClient 4 InterBase/Firebird client.
kMySQLClient 9 MySQL client.
kODBCClient 1 ODBC client.
kOracleClient 2 Oracle client.

For Windows the file is "oci.dll", for Linux libclntsh.so and for Mac OS X libclntsh.dylib.
kPostgreSQLClient 10 PostgreSQL client.
kSQLAnywhereClient 12 SQL Anywhere client.
kSQLBaseClient 5 SQLbase client.
kSQLiteClient 11 SQLite client. Or spatialite.
kSQLServerClient 3 Mircosoft SQL Server client.

You may need to download the client packages for accessing SQL Server. Files like the SQLNCLI dll may be missing. You can download for example the Feature Pack for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 from the microsoft download page.
kSybaseClient 8 Sybase client.

Error Codes

Constant Value Description
kErrorBindVarNotFound 7 Bind variable not found.
kErrorClientInitFails 6 Initialization failed for client.
kErrorClientNotSet 1 Client not set.
kErrorClientNotSupported 2 Unsupported client type for this platform.
kErrorClientVersionOld 5 Library file is too old.
kErrorFieldNotFound 8 Field not found.
kErrorGetLibraryVersionFails 4 Failed to query library version.
kErrorLoadLibraryFails 3 Failed to load a library. For example path could be wrong or 32/64bit mismatch.
kErrorNoMemory 0 Out of memory.
kErrorUnknownColumnType 11 Unknown column type.
kErrorUnknownDataType 9 Unknown data type.
kErrorUnknownParameterType 10 Unknown parameter type.
kErrorWrongConversion 12 Failed to convert a value, e.g. string to number.
kErrorWrongDatetime 13 Can't convert text to date.

Options to specify the library with SetFileOption

Constant Value Description
kOptionLibraryDB2 "DB2CLI.LIBS" for DB2.
kOptionLibraryFirebird "IBASE.LIBS" for Firebird.
kOptionLibraryInformix "INFCLI.LIBS" for Informix.
kOptionLibraryInterbase "IBASE.LIBS" for Interbase.
kOptionLibraryMySQL "MYSQL.LIBS" for MySQL. Library extension on Mac is ".dylib", on Linux ".so" and on Windows ".dll". You get this library with the MySQL download on their homepage.
kOptionLibraryODBC "ODBC.LIBS" for ODBC.
kOptionLibraryOracle "OCI8.LIBS" for Oracle.
kOptionLibraryPostgreSQL "LIBPQ.LIBS" for Postgre SQL.
kOptionLibrarySQLanywhere "SQLANY.LIBS" for SQL Anywhere.
kOptionLibrarySQLBase "SQLBASE.LIBS" for SQLbase.
kOptionLibrarySQLite "SQLITE.LIBS" for SQLite. Can also be the spatialite library.
kOptionLibrarySybaseComn "SYBCOMN.LIBS" for Sybase.
kOptionLibrarySybaseCS "SYBCS.LIBS" for Sybase.
kOptionLibrarySybaseCT "SYBCT.LIBS" for Sybase.
kOptionLibrarySybaseIntl "SYBINTL.LIBS" for Sybase.
kOptionLibrarySybaseTCL "SYBTCL.LIBS" for Sybase.

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