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QTMovieExporterMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
class QuickTime MBS QuickTime Plugin 3.1 Yes Yes No No No
Function: A class for exporting movies.
// An example which gets an example movie and converts it to the sound
dim q as QTMovieExporterMBS
dim m as movie
dim s as String

m=SpecialFolder.Desktop.Child("Sample Movie").OpenAsMovie
q=new QTMovieExporterMBS

if m=nil then
MsgBox "No movie?"
if q.OpenAIFFExporter then
// 22050Hz are &h56220000 (=22050 * 65536)
// "Qclp" is Qualcomm Purevoice
q.SetSoundFormat 16,&h56220000,OSTypeFromStringMBS("Qclp"),1
if q.Lasterror=0 then
if q.ConvertMovieToFile(m,SpecialFolder.Desktop.Child("Sample Movie.aif"),"AIFF","TVOD",0) then
MsgBox "Saved Sample Movie.aif"
MsgBox "Error on converting movie: "+str(q.Lasterror)
end if
MsgBox "Can't set sound format: "+str(q.Lasterror)
end if
MsgBox "Can't open the AIFF Exporter. ("+format(q.Lasterror,"-0")+")"
end if
end if
The class was originally designed to enable the example above: Exporting AIFF sound from any movie. Over time more functionality was added.
Please send in requests if you need additional functionality.

Please read the MPEG4 Audio licensing stuff for Windows:

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