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PortAudioMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux iOS Targets
class Audio MBS Audio Plugin 6.0 ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ✅ Yes All
Function: A class to run the opensource PortAudio library in Xojo.
Constants for error codes:

paNoError= 0
Plugin parameter error= -1
paNotInitialized= -10000,
paUnanticipatedHostError= -9999
paInvalidChannelCount= -9998
paInvalidSampleRate= -9997
paInvalidDevice= -9996
paInvalidFlag= -9995
paSampleFormatNotSupported= -9994
paBadIODeviceCombination= -9993
paInsufficientMemory= -9992
paBufferTooBig= -9991
paBufferTooSmall= -9990
paNullCallback= -9989
paBadStreamPtr= -9988
paTimedOut= -9987
paInternalError= -9986
paDeviceUnavailable= -9985
paIncompatibleHostApiSpecificStreamInfo= -9984
paStreamIsStopped= -9983
paStreamIsNotStopped= -9982
paInputOverflowed= -9981
paOutputUnderflowed= -9980
paHostApiNotFound= -9979
paInvalidHostApi= -9978
paCanNotReadFromACallbackStream= -9977
paCanNotWriteToACallbackStream= -9976
paCanNotReadFromAnOutputOnlyStream= -9975
paCanNotWriteToAnInputOnlyStream= -9974
paIncompatibleStreamHostApi= -9973
paBadBufferPtr= -9972

Initialization and Termination of the PortAudio library are done in background automatically.

Requires on Linux to be installed.

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Constant Value Description
kErrorBadBufferPtr -9972 Bad buffer pointer.
kErrorBadIODeviceCombination -9993 Bad IO Device combination
kErrorBadStreamPtr -9988 Bad stream pointer
kErrorBufferTooBig -9991 Buffer too big
kErrorBufferTooSmall -9990 Buffer too small
kErrorCanNotReadFromACallbackStream -9977 Can not read from a callback stream.
kErrorCanNotReadFromAnOutputOnlyStream -9975 Can not read from an output only stream.
kErrorCanNotWriteToACallbackStream -9976 Can not write to a callback stream.
kErrorCanNotWriteToAnInputOnlyStream -9974 Can not write to an input only stream.
kErrorDeviceUnavailable -9985 Device unavailable.
kErrorHostApiNotFound -9979 Host API not found.
kErrorIncompatibleHostApiSpecificStreamInfo -9984 Incompatible host api for specific stream info.
kErrorIncompatibleStreamHostApi -9973 Incompatible stream for host api.
kErrorInputOverflowed -9981 Input overflowed.
kErrorInsufficientMemory -9992 Insufficient memory
kErrorInternalError -9986 Internal error
kErrorInvalidChannelCount -9998 Invalid Channel Count
kErrorInvalidDevice -9996 Invalid Device
kErrorInvalidFlag -9995 Invalid flag
kErrorInvalidHostApi -9978 Invalid host API
kErrorInvalidSampleRate -9997 Invalid sample rate
kErrorNoError 0 No error
kErrorNotInitialized -10000 Not initialized.
kErrorNullCallback -9989 Null callback.
kErrorOutputUnderflowed -9980 Output underflowed.
kErrorSampleFormatNotSupported -9994 Sampleformat not supported.
kErrorStreamIsNotStopped -9982 Stream is not stopped.
kErrorStreamIsStopped -9983 Stream is stopped.
kErrorTimedOut -9987 Timed out
kErrorUnanticipatedHostError -9999 Unanticipated Host Error. See HostError function.

Host APIs

Constant Value Description
kHostApiAL 9 AL
kHostApiALSA 8 Linux ALSA
kHostApiAudioScienceHPI 14 AudioScienceHPI
kHostApiBeOS 10 BeOS, not used in MBS Plugin.
kHostApiCoreAudio 5 CoreAudio-specific PortAudio API extension
kHostApiDirectSound 1 Windows DirectSound-specific PortAudio API extension
kHostApiInDevelopment 0 Internally only.
kHostApiJACK 12 Linux Jack
kHostApiMME 2 Windos Multimedia Extension.
kHostApiOSS 7 OSS
kHostApiSoundManager 4 SoundManager (old MacOS Classic)
kHostApiWASAPI 13 WASAPI-specific PortAudio API extension
kHostApiWDMKS 11 WDM Kernel Streaming-specific PortAudio API extension

This class has no sub classes.

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