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OverlayWindowMBS class

class, CoreGraphics, MBS MacOSXCG Plugin (CGOverlay), class OverlayWindowMBS,
Plugin version: 2.9, Mac: Yes, Win: No, Linux: No, Console & Web: Yes, Feedback.

Function: A class for an overlay window.
Please consider using OverlayMBS instead of OverlayWindowMBS. OverlayMBS is cross platform for Mac and Windows.
OverlayWindowMBS is not supported for 64 bit targets.

This window can be on top of all other windows or on some layer between. As it can be transparent you can use it to draw on it to draw on the screen.
(e.g. a ruler)

Some Realbasic versions block event handling on Realbasic windows which are behind the overlay window. RB 2006r5 does fix that.

This class has no sub classes.

Some examples which use this class:

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