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MD5DigestMBS class

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class Encryption and Hash MBS Encryption Plugin 3.2 Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Function: A class to calculate the message-digest of a string.
Same class as the one in RB5, so the same documentation:

The MD5Digest class enables you to process a string in segments. Pass each string segment to the Process method. The value property contains the current message digest and the clear method clears the MD5Digest object so that you can repeat the process.

The MD5 message digest algorithm takes a message of any length and produces a 128-bit "fingerprint" or message digest of the input string. The MD5 algorithm is useful for digital signature applications, where a large file must be processed in a secure manner before being encrypted with a secret key under a system such as RSA.

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  • property Value as string
  • 3 methods
  • 6 shared methods
    • shared method HashFile(file as FolderItem, Hex as boolean = true) as string
    • shared method HMAC(key as string, data as string) as string
    • shared method MD5(data as memoryblock) as string
    • shared method MD5(data as string) as string
    • shared method MD5String(data as memoryblock) as string
    • shared method MD5String(data as string) as string

This class has no sub classes.

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