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MacUSBMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux iOS Targets
class USB MBS USB Plugin 12.5 ✅ Yes ❌ No ❌ No ❌ No Desktop, Console & Web
A class to talk to an USB device.

Written for a client and probably not yet universally useable, so it may not work with your device.


Constant Value Description
kIOUSBConfigNotFound &he0004056 Configuration Not found.
kIOUSBDeviceNotHighSpeed &he0004049 The device is not a high speed device, so the EHCI driver returns an error.
kIOUSBDevicePortWasNotSuspended &he0004050 Port was not suspended.
kIOUSBEndpointNotFound &he0004057 Endpoint Not found.
kIOUSBHighSpeedSplitError &he000404b Error to hub on high speed bus trying to do split transaction.
kIOUSBInterfaceNotFound &he000404e Interface ref not recognized.
kIOUSBLowLatencyBufferNotPreviouslyAllocated &he000404d Attempted to use user land low latency isoc calls w/out calling PrepareBuffer (on the data buffer) first.
kIOUSBLowLatencyFrameListNotPreviouslyAllocated &he000404c Attempted to use user land low latency isoc calls w/out calling PrepareBuffer (on the frame list) first.
kIOUSBNoAsyncPortErr &he000405f No async port.
kIOUSBNotEnoughPipesErr &he000405e Not enough pipes in interface.
kIOUSBNotEnoughPowerErr &he000405d Not enough power for selected configuration.
kIOUSBPipeStalled &he000404f Pipe has stalled, error needs to be cleared.
kIOUSBSyncRequestOnWLThread &he000404a A synchronous USB request was made on the workloop thread (from a callback?). Only async requests are permitted in that case.
kIOUSBTooManyPipesErr &he0004060 Too many pipes.
kIOUSBTransactionReturned &he0004050 The transaction has been returned to the caller.
kIOUSBTransactionTimeout &he0004051 Transaction timed out.
kIOUSBUnknownPipeErr &he0004061 Pipe ref not recognized.

This class has no sub classes.

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