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LinuxSuMBS class

class, Linux, MBS Linux Plugin (LinuxSU), class LinuxSuMBS,
Plugin version: 16.1, Mac: No, Win: No, Linux: Yes, Console & Web: Yes, Feedback.

Function: The class to run stuff with sudo.
dim s as new LinuxSuMBS

s.Command = "/usr/bin/whoami"
s.User = "root"
s.Alert = "Please Root?"
s.Message "Can I install something for you?"

if s.ExecuteSudo then
MsgBox "OK"
MsgBox s.LastErrorMessage
end if
Notes: Uses the gksu library.

Error Codes

Constant Value Description
ErrorCanceled 11 The user cancelled.
ErrorChildFailed 9 Child failed.
ErrorExec 5 Execution failed.
ErrorFork 4 Forking failed.
ErrorHelper 1 The helper tool failed.
ErrorNoCommand 2 Missing command.
ErrorNoPassword 3 Missing password.
ErrorNotAllowed 10 Not allowed.
ErrorPipe 6 Pipe failed.
ErrorPiperead 7 Pipe read error.
ErrorWrongAutoPass 12 Wrong auto Password.
ErrorWrongPass 8 Wrong Password
ErrorXauth 0 XAuth failed.

This class has no sub classes.

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