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LibUSBDeviceMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
class USB MBS USB Plugin 18.1 Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Function: The class for a device.
This is both for a device as general and an open connection.

LibUSB abstracts on Mac, Windows and Linux for using USB devices. SO far it's the best generic USB interface we have.
You need libUSB dylib (mac), dll (Windows) and so (Linux) files from LibUSB. For Linux the LibUSB library is usually preinstalled with a LibUSB package, so the plugin finds it automatically.

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Constant Value Description
kCapabilitiesHasCapabilities 0 The HasCapability() API is available.
kCapabilitiesHasHIDAccess 256 The library can access HID devices without requiring user intervention.
Note that before being able to actually access an HID device, you may still have to call additional libusb functions such as
kCapabilitiesHasHotplug 1 Hotplug support is available on this platform.
kCapabilitiesSupportsDetachKernelDriver 257 The library supports detaching of the default USB driver, using DetachKernelDriver, if one is set by the OS kernel.

Descriptor Types

Constant Value Description
kDescriptorTypeBOS 6 BOS descriptor
kDescriptorTypeConfig 2 Configuration descriptor.
kDescriptorTypeDevice 1 Device descriptor.
kDescriptorTypeDeviceCapabilities 16 Device Capability descriptor
kDescriptorTypeEndpoint 5 Endpoint descriptor.
kDescriptorTypeHID &h21 HID descriptor.
kDescriptorTypeHub &h29 Hub descriptor.
kDescriptorTypeInterface 4 Interface descriptor.
kDescriptorTypePhysical &h23 Physical descriptor.
kDescriptorTypeReport &h22 HID report descriptor.
kDescriptorTypeString 3 String descriptor.
kDescriptorTypeSuperSpeedEndpointCompanion &h30 SuperSpeed Endpoint Companion descriptor
kDescriptorTypeSuperSpeedHub &h2A SuperSpeed Hub descriptor


Constant Value Description
kErrorAccess -3 Access
kErrorBusy -6 Busy
kErrorInterrupted -10 Interrupted
kErrorInvalidParam -2 Invalid parameter
kErrorIO -1 I/O Error
kErrorNoDevice -4 No device.
kErrorNoMemory -11 Out of Memory
kErrorNotFound -5 Not found
kErrorNotSupported -12 Function not supported
kErrorOther -99 Other errors
kErrorOverflow -8 Overflow
kErrorPipe -9 Pipe
kErrorTimeout -7 Timeout

Log Levels

Constant Value Description
kLogLevelDebug 4 debug and informational messages are printed to stdout, warnings and errors to stderr
kLogLevelError 1 error messages are printed to stderr
kLogLevelInfo 3 informational messages are printed to stdout, warning and error messages are printed to stderr
kLogLevelNone 0 no messages ever printed by the library (default)
kLogLevelWarning 2 warning and error messages are printed to stderr

Speed Levels

Constant Value Description
kSpeedFull 2 The device is operating at full speed (12MBit/s).
kSpeedHigh 3 The device is operating at high speed (480MBit/s).
kSpeedLow 1 The device is operating at low speed (1.5MBit/s).
kSpeedSuper 4 The device is operating at super speed (5000MBit/s).
kSpeedUnknown 0 The OS doesn't report or know the device speed.

This class has no sub classes.

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