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Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux iOS Targets
class LDAP MBS Network Plugin 15.0 ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ✅ Yes All
The class for LDAP connection.
// Get a handle to an LDAP connection and set any session preferences.
Var l as new LDAPMBS("localhost", 389)

// Use the ProtocolVersion session preference to specify that the client is an LDAPv3 client.
l.ProtocolVersion = 3
if l.Lasterror <> 0 then
Var error as string = l.ErrorString(l.Lasterror)
end if

// Bind to the server.
// In this example, the client binds anonymously to the server
// (no DN or credentials are specified).

l.SimpleBind("", "")
if l.Lasterror <> 0 then
Var error as string = l.ErrorString(l.Lasterror)
end if

const BASEDN = "dc=example,dc=com"
const SCOPE = l.kScopeSubtree
const FILTER = "(sn=Jensen)"

Var results() as Dictionary = l.Search(BASEDN, SCOPE, FILTER)

for each dic as Dictionary in results
Break // look in debugger

On Windows we use Microsoft's WinLDAP Library.
For Mac OS X and Linux we link to OpenLDAP, so be sure to have the right package installed on Linux.

  • event Error(ErrorCode as Integer, ErrorMessage as String, FunctionName as String)
  • 7 properties
  • 13 methods
    • method Add(distinguishedName as string, attrs() as LDAPModMBS)
    • method Bind(Who as String, Cred as String, AuthMethod as Integer, Domain as String = "")
    • method Connect(TimeOutSeconds as Double = 1.0)
    • method Constructor
    • method Constructor(IP as string, Port as Integer, Open as Boolean = false, Secure as Boolean = false)
    • method Constructor(URL as string)
    • method Delete(distinguishedName as string)
    • method Modify(distinguishedName as string, attrs() as LDAPModMBS)
    • method Rename(distinguishedName as string, NewDistinguishedName as String, DeleteOldRdn as Boolean)
    • method Rename(distinguishedName as string, NewRDN as String, NewParent as String, DeleteOldRdn as Boolean)
    • method Search(distinguishedName as string, Scope as Integer, Filter as String, Attrs() as String = nil, AttributesOnly as boolean = false, timeout as Double = 1.0, SizeLimit as Integer = 0) as Dictionary()
    • method SimpleBind(Who as String, Cred as String)
    • method StartTLS
  • shared method ErrorString(error as Integer) as string
  • 24 constants

Auth Modes

Constant Value Description
kAuthDigest &h4086 Only for Windows.
kAuthDPA &h2086 Only for Windows.
kAuthExternal &hA6
kAuthKRBV4 &hFF Only for Mac OS X and Linux.
kAuthKRBV41 &h81 Only for Mac OS X and Linux.
kAuthKRBV42 &h82 Only for Mac OS X and Linux.
kAuthMSN &h0886 Only for Windows.
kAuthNegotiate &h4FF Only for Windows.
kAuthNegotiateWin &h0486 Only for Windows.
kAuthNone 0 No auth.
kAuthNTLM &h1086 Only for Windows.
kAuthSASL &hA3 Only for Mac OS X and Linux.
kAuthSASLWin &h83 Only for Windows.
kAuthSicily &h0286 Only for Windows.
kAuthSimple &h80 Simple authentication.
kAuthSSPI &h4FF Only for Windows.


Constant Value Description
kScopeBase 0
kScopeDefault -1
kScopeOneLevel 1
kScopeSubordinate 3
kScopeSubtree 2


Constant Value Description
kVersion1 1
kVersion2 2
kVersion3 3

This class has no sub classes.

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Release notes

  • Version 20.2
    • Changed LDAPMBS class to load ldap library on runtime for Linux and MacOS.
  • Version 20.1
    • Fixed LDAPMBS class to load LDAP framework earlier.
  • Version 19.4
    • Added CACertFile property for LDAPMBS class.
  • Version 19.3
    • Added StartTLS method to LDAPMBS class.
  • Version 19.2
    • Changed NetworkTimeOut and TimeOut in LDAPMBS class to be double value with seconds.
  • Version 18.5
    • Changed how timeout is passed to LDAPMBS.Search function.
  • Version 17.1
    • Fixed issue with LDAPMBS.Bind not working correctly on Windows for all auth methods.

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