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LAContextMBS class

class, TouchBar, MBS Mac64bit Plugin (LocalAuthentication), class LAContextMBS,
Plugin version: 17.0, Mac: Yes, Win: No, Linux: No, Console & Web: Yes, Feedback.

Function: The class for local authentication via password or TouchID.

Error Codes

Constant Value Description
kErrorAppCancel -9 Authentication was canceled by application (e.g. invalidate was called while authentication was in progress).
kErrorAuthenticationFailed -1 Authentication was not successful, because user failed to provide valid credentials.
kErrorInvalidContext -10 LAContext passed to this call has been previously invalidated.
kErrorPasscodeNotSet -5 Authentication could not start, because passcode is not set on the device.
kErrorSystemCancel -4 Authentication was canceled by system (e.g. another application went to foreground).
kErrorTouchIDLockout -8 Authentication was not successful, because there were too many failed Touch ID attempts and Touch ID is now locked. Passcode is required to unlock Touch ID, e.g. evaluating PolicyDeviceOwnerAuthenticationWithBiometrics will ask for passcode as a prerequisite.
kErrorTouchIDNotAvailable -6 Authentication could not start, because Touch ID is not available on the device.
kErrorTouchIDNotEnrolled -7 Authentication could not start, because Touch ID has no enrolled fingers.
kErrorUserCancel -2 Authentication was canceled by user (e.g. tapped Cancel button).
kErrorUserFallback -3 Authentication was canceled, because the user tapped the fallback button (Enter Password).

This class has no sub classes.

Some examples which use this class:

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