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GWorldMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
class Graphics & Pictures MBS QuickTime Plugin 3.3 Yes Yes No Yes No
Function: A class for a GWorld picture object.
// This example is for Mac OS and Windows:

dim g as GWorldMBS
dim p as Picture
dim d as GWorldMBS

// get a picture and make sure it's a bitmap

// Make the destination GWorld
d=new GWorldMBS
if d.NewGWorld(p.Width*4,p.Height*4,32) then

// Make a reference GWorld to target the picture for the source (Mac only!)
g=new GWorldMBS
if g.NewGWorldFromPicture(p) then

// Scale bicubic in QuickTime 6
g.Scale d, 1024

// not 0 on any error

// show it in a window
end if
end if
Several classes can draw directly into a GWorld picture of take a GWorld Picture as a source. On Mac OS most Realbasic picture objects have a GWorld handle inside, so the plugin functions can accept a Realbasic picture object.
This class is deprecated as Apple deprecated the QuickDraw framework. This class may not work on 64 bit targets.

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