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EdsCameraMBS class

Super class: EdsBaseMBS

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
class Canon EOS Digital MBS Cameras Plugin 12.1 Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Function: This object represents a remotely connected camera.
This object is used to control the camera or to get an EdsVolumeMBS object when accessing the memory card, which is a child object of the camera.
Subclass of the EdsBaseMBS class.

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Camera Command Constants

Constant Value Description
kEdsCameraCommand_BulbEnd 3 Lock the UI before bulb shooting.
An exposure time event is generated at the start of bulb shooting. (kEdsStateEvent_BulbExposureTime)
kEdsCameraCommand_BulbStart 2 Starts bulb shooting/ Ends bulb shooting
kEdsCameraCommand_DoClickWBEvf &h00000104 Adjusts the white balance of the live view image at the specified position
This command is supported only in live view mode.
kEdsCameraCommand_DoEvfAf &h00000102 Controls auto focus in live view mode.
This command is supported by the EOS 50D or EOS 5D Mark II or later cameras, and only in live view mode.
kEdsCameraCommand_DriveLensEvf &h00000103 Drives the lens and adjusts focus
This command is supported only in live view mode.
kEdsCameraCommand_EvfAf_OFF 0
kEdsCameraCommand_EvfAf_ON 1
kEdsCameraCommand_ExtendShutDownTimer 1 Requests to extend the time for the auto shut-off timer. (Keep Device On)
kEdsCameraCommand_PressShutterButton 4 Controls shutter button operations.
This command is supproted by the EOS 50D or EOS 5D Mark II or later cameras.
kEdsCameraCommand_ShutterButton_Completely 3
kEdsCameraCommand_ShutterButton_Completely_NonAF &h00010003
kEdsCameraCommand_ShutterButton_Halfway 1
kEdsCameraCommand_ShutterButton_Halfway_NonAF &h00010001
kEdsCameraCommand_ShutterButton_OFF 0
kEdsCameraCommand_TakePicture 0 Requests the camera to shoot.

Camera Status Command Constants

Constant Value Description
kEdsCameraStatusCommand_EnterDirectTransfer 2
kEdsCameraStatusCommand_ExitDirectTransfer 3
kEdsCameraStatusCommand_UILock 0
kEdsCameraStatusCommand_UIUnLock 1

Progress Option Constants

Constant Value Description
kEdsProgressOption_Done 1 Call a progress callback function when the progress reaches 100%.
kEdsProgressOption_NoReport 0 Do not call a progress callback function.
kEdsProgressOption_Periodically 2 Call a progress callback function periodically.

Super class EdsBaseMBS

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