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CURLNFileInfoMBS class

class, CURL, MBS CURL Plugin (CURLN), class CURLNFileInfoMBS,
Plugin version: 15.2, Mac: Yes, Win: Yes, Linux: Yes, Console & Web: Yes, Feedback.

Function: The class for file information.
Notes: Content of this structure depends on information which is known and is achievable (e.g. by FTP LIST parsing).

File Types

Constant Value Description
FileTypeDeviceBlock 3 Block Device
FileTypeDeviceChar 4 Character Device
FileTypeDirectory 1 Directory
FileTypeDoor 7 Door, is possible only on Sun Solaris now.
FileTypeFile 0 Regular file
FileTypeNamedPipe 5 Named Pipe
FileTypeSocket 6 Socket
FileTypeSymlink 2 Symbolic links
FileTypeUnknown 8 Unknown file type. Should never occur.

Flag Constants

Constant Value Description
FlagKnownFileName 1 Filename Known
FlagKnownFileType 2 File Type Known
FlagKnownGID 32 GID Known
FlagKnownHardLinks 128 Hardlink Count Known
FlagKnownPermissions 8 Permissions Known
FlagKnownSize 64 Size Known
FlagKnownTime 4 Time Known
FlagKnownUID 16 UID Known

This class has no sub classes.

Some methods using this class:

Some events for this class:

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