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ColorSyncWorldMBS class

Type Topic Version
class ColorSync
Function: A class for a Colorsync world.
A ColorSyncWorldMBS is an object which holds two profiles to match pictures between.

Possible error codes from Colorsync:

noErr0No error
cmProfileError-170There is something wrong with the content of the profile
cmMethodError-171An error occurred during the CMM arbitration process that determines the CMM to use
cmMethodNotFound-175CMM not present
cmProfileNotFound-176Responder error
cmProfilesIdentical-177Profiles are the same
cmCantConcatenateError-178Profiles can't be concatenated
cmCantXYZ-179CMM does not handle XYZ color space
cmCantDeleteProfile-180Responder error
cmUnsupportedDataType-181Responder error
cmNoCurrentProfile-182Responder error
cmElementTagNotFound-4200The tag you specified is not in the specified profile
cmIndexRangeErr-4201Tag index out of range
cmFatalProfileErr-4203Returned from File Manager while updating a profile file in response to CMUpdateProfile; profile content may be corrupted.
cmInvalidProfileLocation-4205Operation not supported for this profile location
cmInvalidSearch-4206Bad search handle
cmSearchError -4207Internal error occurred during profile search
cmInvalidColorSpace-4209Profile color space does not match bitmap type
cmInvalidSrcMap -4210Source pixel map or bitmap was invalid
cmInvalidDstMap-4211Destination pix/bit map was invalid
cmNoGDevicesError-4212Begin matching or end matching--no graphics devices available
cmInvalidProfileComment-4213Bad profile comment during drawpicture
cmRangeoverFlow-4214One or more output color value overflows in color conversion; all input color values will be converted and the overflow will be clipped
cmCantCopyModifiedV1Profile-4215It is illegal to copy version 1.0 profiles that have been modified
cmNamedColorNotFound-4216The specified named color was not found in the specified profile
cmCantGamutCheckError-4217Gamut checking not supported by this color world--that is, the color world does not contain a gamut table because it was built with gamut checking turned off

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