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CGFontMBS class

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux Console & Web iOS
class CoreGraphics MBS MacCG Plugin 14.2 Yes No No Yes, macOS only No
Function: The CoreGraphics class for a font.
The CGFontRef opaque type encapsulates font information. A font is a set of shapes or glyphs associated with a character set. A glyph can represent a single character (such as ‘b’), more than one character (such as the "fi" ligature), or a special character such as a space. Quartz retrieves the glyphs for the font from ATS (Apple Type Services) and paints the glyphs based on the relevant parameters of the current graphics state.

Quartz provides a limited, low-level interface for drawing text. For information on text-drawing functions, see CGContext Reference. For full Unicode and text-layout support, use the services provided by Core Text or ATSUI).

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PostScript Formats

Constant Value Description
kCGFontPostScriptFormatType1 1 This is documented in Adobe Type 1 Font Format, which is available from
kCGFontPostScriptFormatType3 3 This is documented in PostScript Language Reference, 3rd edition, which is available from
kCGFontPostScriptFormatType42 42 This is documented in Adobe Technical Note 5012, The Type 42 Font Format Specification, which is available from

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